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Q1 2017 Benefits Newsletter by Moreton & Company/Carolyn Cox

Now that the Presidential Election is over, the future of health benefits in America could be changing radically in the coming years. In this quarter’s Benefits Newsletter, you will find important information and updates from the Employee Benefits arena, including information on Title VII’s application to sexual orientation discrimination, stand-alone HRAs for small employers, the importance of furnishing copies of plan documents to participants, and more.

Download your copy: Q1 2017 Benefit Newsletter, Published by Moreton & Company

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LIVE WELL WORK WELL  – February 2017 issue

February is American Heart Month, and in this month’s Live Well, Work Well newsletter, you will learn some actionable tips for preventing heart disease. We also discuss the danger of e-cigarettes, cover how beneficial weight training is for those with diabetes, and give you a simple and warming recipe for chicken and vegetable soup. Download this month’s Live Well, Work Well newsletter for all this, and more.

Download your copy: Live Well Work Well, Published by Moreton & Company, Wellness Department





LIVE WELL WORK WELL  – January 2017 issue

In our first issue of the new year, we explore how helping others pays off for seniors, show you how to set healthy New Year’s resolutions, give you a delicious and tasty smoothie recipe, and more.

Download your copy: January 2017, Live Well Work Well, Published by Moreton & Company, Wellness Department


2017: The Times They Are a-Changin’! 
Say Goodbye to the ACA?

january-25th_carolyn-cox_say-goodbye-to-aca_finalSeminar: Wednesday, January 25th, 2017
Webinar: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Join Carolyn Cox, Moreton & Company’s Compliance Counsel, for a discussion regarding the impact on employer group health plans as the new administration takes office. Topics to be discussed include:
• Will the ACA be repealed, in whole or in part?
• Possible replacements for the ACA
• Transition timeline
• What this means for employers

RSVP Today:  (Subject line: January 25 Seminar)

Download your invitation.


2016 SUB-FOR-SANTA at Moreton & Company                 Deadline: December 16

The Moreton & Company holiday giving committee is proud to announce that they will be collecting donations on behalf of Davis Behavioral Health, Inc. and The Christmas Box House International this holiday season. A big Thank You goes out to all of our employees who give their, time and support to make the holidays extra special for these wonderful kids this holiday.

Find more information on donations & drop-off  locations.






LIVE WELL WORK WELL  – December 2016 issue

Development of a Universal Flu Vaccine

Researchers at McMaster University, located in Ontario Canada, and two American universities have taken another step towards developing a much more effective universal flu vaccine. Their latest findings, published online in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA (PNAS), build upon their earlier discovery of a class of antibodies capable of neutralizing the most dangerous types of Influenza viruses.

Download your copy: December 2016 Live Well Work Well, Published by Moreton & Company, Wellness Department


LIVE WELL WORK WELL  – November 2016 issue

Understanding Current Flu Vaccine Recommendations

Unlike their recommendations during past flu seasons, the CDC and
the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are not recommending
the nasal spray vaccine, FluMist, for the 2016-2017 season because of
concerns about its effectiveness, especially in children…

Download your copy: November 2016 Live Well Work Well, Published by Moreton & Company, Wellness Department

Q4 2016 Benefit Newsletter

Q4 Benefits Newsletter by Moreton & Company/Carolyn Cox

This quarter’s compliance topics include: MHPA Equity Act Enforcement/
New Wellness Decision/IRS Releases Final Instructions for 2016
/HIPAA Guidance On Ransomware Attacks/Increases Penalties
for Health Plan Violations/Taxability of Wellness Rewards…

Download your copy of: Q4 2016 Benefit Newsletter, Published by Moreton & Company


LIVE WELL WORK WELL  – October 2016 issue

Parent Support Expanding Health Education 

Teaching kids about drugs, alcohol, and sex appear to be less
controversial than ever before, with the majority of parents in
a new poll saying schools should teach these subjects…

Download your copy: October 2016 Live Well Work Well, Published by Moreton & Company, Wellness Department

Enterprise 7 Award Honors Moreton & Company for Innovation

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On Friday, June 8th, Moreton & Company was awarded the Enterprise 7 Award in the Insurance category.  We are honored to receive this award for our innovative product, the medical stop-loss captive Salubrious.

Salubrious is a unique and innovative product created and managed by Moreton & Company that allows businesses to take control of their medical benefit plans and the risk associated with them in a way that traditional stop-loss insurance doesn’t.

A captive is essentially an insurance company owned by its insureds, and is a unique solution that helps businesses comply with the changing requirements of the employee benefits landscape. Salubrious demonstrates Moreton & Company’s commitment to our clients; we strive to help them find the best, most innovative solutions. Thank you Enterprise Magazine for this award!

be well

Thank you for your participation!
From kayaking in Curacao, to rafting down the Green River, traveling to Morocco, or hiking with friends and family; Moreton & Company employees know how to experience adventure and stepped up to the Be Well & Wander challenge.

Winners include: Colleen Mahaffey/SLC Office, Helen Irwin/Boise Office and Timothy Walter/Denver Office. Thanks to all for your photo submissions and participation!


FOSTERING MEANINGFUL WORK: Through Personal Reflection & Experience

Banner_SUMMER Color Banner…They interviewed 135 people working in 10 very different occupations, from priests to garbage collectors, to ask about incidents or times when the workers found their work to be meaningful and, conversely, times when they asked themselves, “What’s the point of doing this job?.”

Download your copy: July 2016 Live Well Work Well, providedby Moreton & Company





Q2 Benefits Newsletterby Moreton & Company/ Carolyn Cox

This quarter’s topics include: Newly Released FAQs Address: Health Plan Compliance Issues / 2017 Summary: Benefits & Coverage Changes / What Laws Might Apply to Our Company’s Wellness Program? / Landmines In Health Care Coverage: In Executive Compensation Packages

Download your copy of: Q2 2016 Benefit Newsletter by Moreton & Company

It’s Moreton & Company’s P.I.E. Week Kick-off event!

Bagel Breakfast Bash and keepin’ it cool with our new water bottles…

P.I.E Week Kick-Off

Water Bottle to welcome th 90 degree days










Check Out May 2016…


Quality Time with Parents — May Improve Teen Academic Aspiration

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Researchers found that adolescents who took part in cultural activities with their parents were more likely to aspire to continue their studies after the age of 16 than those who didn’t. This compares to even those who attended homework clubs or participated in extracurricular activities.
Dr. Dimitra Hartas, associate professor in the Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick, led the research. She stated, “Filial dynamics, such as emotional closeness to parents and cultural capital, were better predictors than more school–driven, parent–child interactions…”

Download your copy: Live Well, Work Well Newsletter by Moreton & Company

Check Out April 2016…

Banner_Spring hiking Banner_CCAn Active social life — Associated With Well-Being Late in Life

Staying socially active despite health-related challenges appears to help lessen the decline in well-being that people often experience late in life, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

“Our results indicate that living a socially active life and prioritizing social goals are associated with higher late-life satisfaction and less severe declines toward the end of life,”…

Download your copy: Live Well, Work Well Newsletter by Moreton & Company


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Yes, We Can Prevent A Tragedy!

On March 16, Gordon Graham presented his ideas about real risk management to an audience of public safety personnel at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. Gordon’s presentation was sponsored and organized by Moreton & Company and Utah Risk Management Mutual Association. Risk management is an important part of the services insurance providers give to their clients.

Gordon discussed a variety of topics all centered on the idea that to manage risk, organizations must be proactive in finding the root causes of past tragedies to help prevent future similar events. Looking for problems lying in wait and finding ways to solve those problems can help prevent tragedies before they occur and be prepared for worst case scenarios.

Gordon also discussed the Seven Rules of Rickover, which were developed by Admiral Hyman Rickover, who is known as the father of the nuclear navy. These rules are designed to help organizations set themselves up for success when it comes to managing risk and avoiding tragedies.

Although this presentation was geared towards public safety officials, any organizations that have employees engaging in tasks with any amount of risk involved can benefit from proactively managing risk.


Check Out March 2016…


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Social psychologists and colleagues, Paula Niedenthal and Adrienne Wood of the University of Wisconsin, have written a paper describing how people in social situations simulate others’ facial expressions to create emotional responses in themselves. For example, if you’re with a friend who looks sad, you might “try on” that sad face yourself–without realizing you’re doing so. In “trying on” your friend’s expression, it helps you to recognize what they’re feeling by associating it with times in the past when you made that expression. Humans extract this emotional meaning from facial expressions in a matter of only a few hundred milliseconds…

Download your copy: Live Well, Work Well Newsletter by Moreton & Company


MARCH 3, 2016 – Join us at the conference and stop by our Moreton & Company booth!
2016 Utah Worksite Wellness Annual Conference

Utah Worksite Wellness Council

Moreton & Company is presenting at…

1:45 – 2:45 pm: Moreton & Company, Peter Arens, CHES, CPT will present on:
“The New Science of Behavior Change and Motivation – Changing the way we THINK about change”

Check Out February 2016…

LIVE WELL WORK WELL – February issue


In six studies with more than 4,600 participants, researchers found “that
people have a stable preference for valuing their time over making more
money, and prioritizing time is associated with greater happiness,” said
lead researcher Ashley Whillans, a doctoral student in social psychology
at the University of British Columbia. The findings were published online
in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science…


Download your copy: Live Well, Work Well Newsletter by Moreton & Company

Moreton & Company – Q1 Benefits Newsletter 

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Stay on top of the latest breaking updates: IRS extension deadlines, Cadillac,  FSA carryovers and much more! Sign up with your Moreton & Company Account Manager to receive your free copy of our quarterly Benefits Newsletter.

Download your copy: BENEFITS NEWSLETTER by Moreton & Company


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LIVE WELL WORK WELL – January issue


Plenty of well intentioned people select exercise programs designed to whip themselves into shape, only to abandon those workout routines because they become tedious and boring.

A new study from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found that
in the middle of a task, people value having a positive experience. This matters less before or after and occurs best in the middle of an activity. For example, people value and engage better in their activity during the process rather than thinking about future work.

Find out more motivational fitness tips  in our Live Well Work Well Newsletter, January Issue.







Mingling at the Moreton & Company 2015 Holiday Party…

… Just a few of the many who make good thing happen —  at Moreton & Company.


Check Out Our Holiday Issue Of…

LIVE WELL WORK WELL – December Issue

December 2015 LWWW Header_Candles_2

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, and money is one of the leading causes of holiday anxiety for Americans. The best time for holiday budgeting begins early in the year. Smart shoppers account for expenses associated with the holiday gift season in their monthly budgets and buy presents throughout the year

Find out more holiday tips in our Live Well Work Well Newsletter, December Issue.



The following article appeared in The Enterprise – Utah Business Journal’s FOCUS on insurance.

As the world becomes more connected through increased e-commerce and data accessibility, the risk of data breach and the loss of personal information also rise. Over the last few years alone, there have been significant cyber attacks where a large amount of digital information was stolen, leaving many exposed. These security breaches are no longer the exception; however, they instead exemplify the cyber risk that every organization faces.

Click below to read the full story:

Cyber Liability is Changing the Way We Do Businessby Jonathan Stutz

PACE Act Allows States to Reject ACA Small Group Expansion –  by Carolyn Cox

Following a rare bipartisan effort last week, Congress passed, and President Obama signed, legislation amending the ACA. As background, under the ACA, as of January 1, 2016, the definition of “small employer” would expand to include employers with 51-99 employees, subjecting those employers to community rating and other small market insurance reforms. (Community rating means the cost of group insurance is based on the claims experience of the entire small group market, and not on the specific claims experience of the employer group seeking coverage.)

Under the PACE Act, states can choose to keep their definition of “small groups” at 2-50 employees, rather than implementing the ACA’s expanded definition of 2-99 employees. Utah’s Department of Insurance issued a bulletin this week stating that it would keep Utah’s existing small group definition (50 and under). However, the Bulletin noted that employer size will now be determined by the number of employees (full-time and full-time equivalents), instead of using the number of employees eligible for health plan coverage. Idaho has not issued a formal statement, but is expected to keep small group at 50 and under.

2015-BP-Update-Final-thunbMoreton & Company Selected as 2015 Best Practice Agency in Utah
by Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America

Salt Lake City, Utah – October 14, 2015. The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) has included Moreton & Company in the 2015 Best Practices Study. Professional agencies within the industry are nominated to participate and share key business practices/philosophies and complete an in-depth survey detailing financial and operational year-end results. The results are then scored and ranked objectively for inclusion on the basis of operational excellence.

This study serves as a tool to help agency owners and managers understand how their business operations measure up to the top performing firms across the country. This is a prestigious recognition of superior accomplishments and Moreton & Company is honored to be selected.

Please visit for more information…


Moreton & Company Joins Employer Mandate Panel at Utah Health Care Summit


Oct. 6, SLC, UT – Grand America Carolyn Cox, In-House Legal Counsel at Moreton & Company joined the  ‘Employer Mandate 2016’ panel for Utah Health Care Summit.

Carolyn is an expert on ACA and how it impacts employers and counsels them on laws that impact their company. Discussions at today’s summit included new employer reporting requirements for pay or play and the timeline in which grandfathered company plans expire. Katie Wood of GBS Benefits spoke of the 6 rated areas within Utah and how an employers domicile impacts their insurance rate, as high as 10%.

Patty Conner, of Avenue H emphasized the importance of the broker/client relationship when an attendee asked about her thoughts on a new company,  Zenefits moving to Utah. She responded, ” the Experience and knowledge that a broker offers, cannot be replaced by a new technology company selling benefits. The value of service that Moreton & Company (brokers) offers  clients cannot be replaced by a 1-800 number for personal service”.

For more information regarding compliance issues please contact Carolyn Cox at


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Moreton & Company Moves Up in Ranking to #73

Each year, Business Insurance Magazine  ranks the top 100 Largest Brokers of US Business. The ranking is based on the previous year’s brokerage revenue that was generated by US-based clients. With the number of brokerages in the US nearing 40,000 (according to, “making the list” demonstrates quality and leadership within the industry.  Moreton & Company jumped to ranking #73 this year (up from #75 in 2014). Moreton & Company has been in business for over 105 years—and, as we continue to grow, we celebrate receiving this acknowledgement for being in the top 100 insurance brokers and will continue to offer exemplary service.


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Wearable technology fitness trackers are becoming more popular as people make an effort to lead active lifestyles. A fitness tracker is a wearable device that tracks physical activity throughout the day. Most models are worn around the wrist and they range in appearance from a simple wristband to a stylish watch. Fitness trackers can count steps, monitor heart rate, add up calories and even track sleep. A number of options are available to accommodate a wide variety of budgets and fitness goals…

Find out more health maintenance tips in our Live Well Work Well Newsletter, October Issue.

Download your copy: October – October – Live Well Work Well Newsletter by Moreton & Company


Check Out Our New Issue Of…

LIVE WELL WORK WELL – September Issue
WWLW-Sept News Banner

September is fruit and veggie month, so now is the perfect time to examine your fruit and veggie intake. Most people are unsure of how many fruits and vegetables they should consume each day or are confused by specific serving sizes. How do you know whether you and your family are getting enough fruits and veggies?…

Learn how to control your serving sizes in Live Well Work Well Newsletter, September Issue.

Download your copy: September – September – Live Well Work Well Newsletter by Moreton & Company



Check Out Our New Issue Of…


WWLW-Sept News BannerCore muscles are one of the most active muscle groups in the body. Whether you aretyping, putting on your shoes, vacuuming, or playing basketball you are engaging your core muscles in some capacity. Because you use core muscles for so many activities, it isimportant to keep them strong and flexible. There are several specific benefits to maintaining a healthy core…

Learn about this topic and more in our Live Well Work Well Newsletter, August Issue.

Download your copy: NEW!  Live Well Work Well  Newsletter by Moreton & Company



Live wellE-Cigarettes may be growing in popularity, but are you aware of the effect they have on your health? Are you constantly frustrated that your produce won’t stay fresh? Maybe it’s time start buying local—the local farmers market that is. While you’re there, have you thought about the pesticides on your produce?

Learn about all these topics and more (including Outdoor Summer Activities!) in our July Live Well Work Well Newsletter: LiveWell WorkWell – July 2015





Live well

Most people know that swimming is excellent exercise, but do you know about the health benefits of sunlight exposure? Or that the USDA has created a new food app? Or that June is cataracts awareness month?

Learn about these health topics and more in June’s Live Well Work Well Newsletter: Live Well Work Well – June 2015








Moreton & Company Join in on Race for the Cure

We are proud to announce that we had 50 staff members from Moreton & Company participate in the 2015 Race for the Cure and raised $3,150 this year!


  lisa soreensenPic 5 2015RACE














Moreton & Company Carrier Receives Straight Tens in Customer Service Survey

No matter how minor, automobile accidents are stressful. At Moreton & Company, we make it a priority to partner with insurance companies who not only stand behind their product, but also make the inevitable claims experience a positive one.

Recently, a Moreton & Company client who is insured by PURE was involved in two automobile accidents within a few months of each other. The insured told us that they felt PURE handled their claim in a timely manner and proactively communicated with them throughout the process, making sure that they were well taken care of. No one ever gives straight 10’s on a satisfaction survey, but this client did! Stories like this make us proud to partner with insurance companies like PURE, who provide an exceptional experience to our clients.

To ensure that you are aligned with an insurance company who will protect your family, goals, and take care of you during a claim, call Moreton & Company today. We have partnered with some of the best in the industry to make sure that you have comprehensive personal insurance policies in place.

We PROTECT people, their assets, and the liabilities they create. We MAXIMIZE coverage for the premium dollar. And we SIMPLIFY insurance.

Check out the: PURE Claims Survey.


Small-Web-Photo-with-BackgroundSymposium 2015 Speaker Spotlight: Noelle Pikus Pace

On April 21 12:00-1:00 catch keynote lunch address by Noelle Pikus Pace.

On February 15, 2014, Noelle Pikus Pace crossed the finish line of the Sochi Olympic Games putting a dramatic ending, and an emphatic exclamation point on a 12 year journey of chasing the Olympic podium. The Olympic medal that she and her family, together, had chased around the world for years was finally theirs.

Known for her success on the Olympic platform in Sochi, Noelle is also the successful owner of two small businesses. She knows the value of hard work and what it means to be in the trenches. Just as in her athletic pursuits, success has come from being results driven and process oriented.



Moreton & Company Symposium 2015

Don’t miss this opportunity, as Moreton & Company presents captivating discussions surrounding: Business Solutions, Property & Casualty, Employee Benefits, Retirement Partners, and Asset Management. Over 19 topics will be presented including; Developing Succession & Exit Plan, Cyber Liability &Network Security, What is your SPD & What Should you know About it, Best Practices for Retirement Plan Stewards, Why are Interest Rates so Low?, and much more!

Race to lunch if you can, and catch our keynote speaker: 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist, Noelle Pikus Pace. Noelle crossed the Skeleton finish line of the Sochi XXII Olympic Winter Games, with a dramatic ending, and an emphatic exclamation point on a 12-year journey of chasing the Olympic podium. Noelle is now a successful business owner of SnowFire Hats. Join us as she shares with us her competitive edge and strategy for business success.



March is National Nutrition Month! Read more about making informed food choices and developing sound eating habits.

Read More: Live Well, Work Well – March Newsletter

For more information, contact Gary Larsen at



Our Live Well, Work Well January Newsletter includes topics such as: Goal setting in 2015, National blood donor month, Battling January gym crowds, Calories outside the kitchen, and also includes a delicious recipe for White Chili.

Read More: Live Well, Work Well – January Newsletter

For more information, contact Gary Larsen at


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued new rules regarding recordkeeping and the 300 log, effective January 1, 2015. 

Read More: OSHA Recordkeeping 2015 Overview

For more information, contact Russ Norman at


Moreton & Company, a Corporate Alliance member, was featured at The Hub in Ogden, Utah, in October. 

See what makes Moreton & Company great:

-The previous video about Moreton & Company was put together by Lane Olson of Corporate Alliance.





Thank You for Joining Our Open House Celebration

On October 15, we were thrilled to have our clients, neighbors, and associates join us in celebrating the opening of our new Salt Lake offices at 101 South, in the Boyer building. It was such a pleasure to share our new space for the evening and showcase the beautiful architecture done by FFKR Architects and interior design work completed by CCG Howells.

Those who attended our Open House can plainly see that our new facilities fulfill our mission to: “consistently exceed expectations by providing solutions that go beyond the needs of our clients and customers.” The open floor plan, bright colors, access to natural light, and aesthetically appealing décor also allows us to “provide a prosperous, professional, and energetic workplace.”

We appreciate all those who attended, especially those of you who traveled great distances to be with us on this special occasion. We missed those of you who were unable to attend.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were celebrating our 100 years in business, and in just four short years we have grown so much that the move and expansion downtown became a necessity. We are excited to be among the elite businesses and companies in bustling downtown Salt Lake area. And we look forward to continuing to serve the great people we have the pleasure of associating with here in Utah.

Please feel free to view additional photos from our Open House here.




Moreton & Company Has Moved!

101Moreton_2Over the last 104 years in business, Moreton & Company has definitely grown. What started in 1910, with just two employees in Salt Lake City, Utah, has grown to over 180 employees in two Salt Lake offices, as well as offices in Vernal, Colorado, and Idaho. To accommodate that continued growth, Moreton & Company’s main office in Salt Lake has moved downtown. Our new address is:

101 South 200 East, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.

But don’t worry, along with our people, we also brought the excellent customer service you’ve grown accustomed to. 101Moreton9_landscape101Moreton_5101Moreton_13






Charities We Support

On an annual basis, Moreton & Company supports several local charities by doing the following:

  • Food drive for the Utah Food Bank
  • Blood drive for the ARUP Blood Services
  • 2014 Christmas Project’s – The Salvation Army Angel Tree, Holiday Stockings, Two Client Families.
  • Participation with the United Way (Both on a corporate and individual level)
  • Participation in the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, held each year on the Saturday before Mother’s day, since 2011 (In the past three years, we’ve raised about $8000, for breast cancer research.)
  • 2015 Imagine That! Gala & Discovery Cup Golf Challenge
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • American Diabetes Association

Moreton & Company has also delivered Meals on Wheels for Salt County Aging Services for over 14 years. However, because of our recent move, we took a hiatus, but will resume daily delivery after the first of the year.

Our MVPs (or Moreton Volunteer People) make up a committee of employees that head up most of these company projects.