Healthcare is changing fast, do you have a plan?

Associated offered plans may be the solution you’re looking for to address the changes required by new healthcare laws. Let us help you get a plan in place. We are the most qualified broker, as we have beaten the 3-5 percent premium market for seven consecutive years.

Our Advantages:

Benefits of an associated offer plan:
• Save Money
• Protect
• Simplify

Features of an associated offer plan:
• Local and National Networks
• Multiple Plan Designs
• High Deductible and Traditional Plans
• Tiered Rates
• Like-Minded Employers
• Claims Review and Forecast
• Full Monthly Limits

Group size limitations:
The groups that will benefit most by joining an associated plan are between 10 and 100 in size, with a minimum enrollment size of 10.

Join the following companies already enjoying an associated offer plan with Moreton & Company: Utah State Bar, Utah Steel Fabricators, and CSG Builder.

Why join? An associated offer plan is the best priced option for groups who may not benefit from a community rating, and because of other cost increases due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

To learn more about the USWBA AND EXCLUSIVE SelectHealth medical associated offer plan contact Moreton & Company today!


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