Moreton Voluntary combines 22 years of voluntary benefits consulting with state-of-the-art technology.

To meet an increasing trend in today’s workforce, voluntary employee benefit options offer great advantages and added value for a multi-generational workforce. Moreton Voluntary offers an advanced technology delivery model to help meet the growing needs of your employees.


The Moreton Voluntary Platform offers single slot billing for all voluntary benefits, and eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors, payroll slots, deductions, collections, and remittances. This is a cost effective way to address the employees appetite for benefits that are more flexible and personalized, without breaking the employer’s budget.

All voluntary benefits information on The Moreton Voluntary Platform is available to employees through a private labeled website that is completely customizable for each individual employer. The user-friendly interface built for your company will look and feel like home to your employees. And will be a simple one-stop for all your employees’ voluntary benefits information. This access will keep your employees current on any benefit changes and updates, and ultimately more involved in their own coverage.

For Employers:

Offering voluntary benefits through the Moreton Voluntary Platform helps attract and retain valuable employees, increases employee satisfaction and loyalty, and minimizes the cost and workload associated with offering benefits.

For Employees:

Offering voluntary benefits through The Moreton Voluntary Platform increases valuable benefit options, saves money on benefits that meet real needs, and saves time and effort in accessing and paying for (payroll deduction) benefit choices.

Some popular voluntary benefits include:

  • Group Auto and Home Insurance
  • Group Legal Services
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection Services
  • Employee Purchase Programs
  • Discounted Products & Services

Moreton Voluntary will work with you to implement an effective voluntary benefits strategy that will integrate seamlessly with your overall employee benefits plan at no cost to you.

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