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Car being towed

Even businesses that take steps to ensure they are operating safely and managing their risk will have incidents that result in claims being filed. When this happens, Moreton & Company’s dedicated Claims team can help you through the entire claim process.

Focusing on Prevention

Our Claims team has a wealth of experience in claims advocacy, and we provide services above and beyond claims assistance. We emphasize prevention, and work with our Safety & Loss Control and Risk Management teams to find and resolve issues that may lead to accidents.
We can assist clients of any size to ensure they have the proper claims handling procedure for their needs, and work with all types of plans, from a self-administered captive claims program to fully insured carrier models.

Managing the Process

Once a claim does occur, our team will assist you with the claims process. We will also notify our clients of emerging industry-wide claims trends and provide claims reviews, to keep you appraised of trends within your organization which that can affect your business.
Our Claims team works hard to advocate for our clients when claims do occur, and to ensure they are better prepared for the future.