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Support for HR professionals throughout the entire employee life cycle

Introducing Moreton & Company HR Advisory Services with Kevin L. Mansfield – a tool for HR teams navigating the challenges of managing today’s workforce.

Real-world Guidance

From compliance, compensation, and company culture to recognition programs and everything in between, HR professionals have a full plate of responsibility, often with limited resources. The myriad of issues and duties can feel overwhelming. Moreton’s HR Advisory Services offers busy HR professionals an experienced HR professional as a resource on everything from day-to-day responsibilities to complex compliance scenarios.

Whether you need guidance on the practical application of policies or a sounding board for your strategic initiatives, Moreton & Company’s HR Advisory Services can assist you. Get your questions answered quickly and problem-solve with our in-house HR professional who has been in the “HR trenches” for over three decades.

Seasoned HR Advisor

Kevin has over 30 years of human resources and operations experience with local and national companies in a wide range of industries. He has significant knowledge of and real-world experience with the unique issues HR teams face, including hiring and firing, managing a workforce, and applying the various laws and regulations applicable to employers, including Title VII, FMLA, ADA, and ADEA.

Included Services

We understand that HR teams vary widely in their needs and goals. In smaller companies, HR may be juggling many responsibilities and need help creating and establishing company HR policies and procedures. In larger or more established companies, HR may need direction on making changes at a cultural level. Our HR Advisory Services have been intentionally designed to assist in a variety of ways, supporting your company with its specific needs.

Moreton’s HR Advisory Services include:

  • Brief review of current HR processes and compliance
  • Unlimited phone/email access to a HR Professional for questions, guidance, and information on employment and HR issues
  • HR updates, including periodic newsletters and/or alerts
  • Webinars and/or seminars on pertinent HR topics
  • Access to HR information, forms, policy templates, etc.

How to use this service

Feel free to reach out to Kevin at [email protected] for guidance and perspective on HR issues that arise throughout the entire employment life cycle, from recruiting to retention to retirement.

*Moreton & Company HR Advisory Services are not contingent on the purchase of an insurance product. HR Advisory Services are only available in jurisdictions where allowed by state law.