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Gavin Reed

Commercial Producer

Gavin is a commercial lines coverage specialist (CLCS) responsible for coordinating the delivery of all Moreton & Company resources to his clients, negotiating rates and coverage with insurance companies, supervising the client team, developing marketplace strategies, and crafting solutions for businesses and their insurance risks. He manages commercial property and casualty insurance placements for clients of all industries, though 20+ years of experience around the construction field have earned him a deeper understanding of construction and all the trades connected with it.

From his days as a running back at Boise State to his current involvement with Big Brother programs, Gavin has been a part of the community since 1997. He has seen the growth in the area firsthand and understands the positive effects in the community as well as unique challenges his clients may face. In order to obtain the best protection possible for his clients, Gavin focuses on Workers’ Compensation and reducing risk.


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