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Matt DeWaal

Employee Benefits Producer

Matt is an employee benefits producer in Moreton & Company’s Salt Lake City office. He is a licensed Consultant and carries a depth of experience with self-funded medical and dental plans. Matt meets directly with and advises employers in the design and implementation of benefit programs and has worked for many years with some of Utah’s largest and high profile employers. He brings a knowledge and understanding of employee benefits gained from personal experience with these demanding organizations that helps guide his clients in their decision-making process. His experience is invaluable as it provides his clients with a great perspective of the evolving world of employee benefits. For 20+ years Matt has worked with employers to manage and negotiate employee benefit programs.

Matt has been with Moreton & Company for 14 years, and prior to joining us he was co-owner of Benefits Plus Insurance Services for four years, which was sold to Moreton & Company. Prior to that, he worked for Health Benefits America for 11 years. His areas of expertise include fully insured, partially self-insured, and self-funded programs as well as funding arrangement and claims/utilization analysis. Matt’s expertise extends into high deductible plan/HSA, having written probably the first of those plans in Utah in 2004.


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