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Moreton & Company is a trailblazer in captive formation and management. Captives are an alternative risk management solution for organizations who want increased negotiating power and a deeper understanding of their risks and options for mitigating them.

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What is a captive?

Make data-driven decisions with a captive insurance program

Joining a captive insurance program allows you to align with other companies to form a larger group, effectively increasing your negotiating power in the insurance marketplace.

Moreton & Company has the greatest amount of experience and expertise, in both forming and managing captives in the Intermountain West. We offer innovative tools and systems designed to give you optimal control over your costs and create stability over time. This level of transparency with captive insurance programs empowers you to more effectively direct coverage decisions and maximize returns by proactively identifying strategic opportunities.

We work with our clients to form wholly owned captives that allow you to self-administer your own coverage and self-finance your risk portfolio. Our captive partners are helping our insureds reduce their operating costs through underwriting and funding options, take control of their claims, and more precisely direct their loss control and safety efforts.

Our captive experience began in the mid-1980s. We formed, and still manage, the first employee benefits captive in Utah and the first and second property & casualty captives in Utah. Utah is currently the second largest captive domicile in the nation, and the fourth largest worldwide.

How Moreton & Company Can help

From feasibility analysis, to formation, to ongoing management

We are regulatory-approved captive and investment managers, and we work hard to help our clients simplify the complex steps involved in owning or participating in a captive. Captives underwrite risk, and our deep bench of experience in risk identification, management, and financing makes captives a good fit for many of our clients. Our service delivery process fosters trust, truth, and transparency. This commitment to our core values is evident in our approach that puts our clients first in every step of the process, ensuring they get best-in-class service that yields growth.

Your questions answered

Captives FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about this solution from our clients. If you have additional questions or want to learn more, reach out to us.

How do I qualify for a captive?

Our experienced team has a simple, five-step process for assessing whether a captive insurance program is the right fit for your organization.

  1. Comprehensive Analysis – Our experts analyze your exposures, coverage needs, cash flow requirements, and current program to understand your needs and determine how we can help.
  2. Consultation – After our initial analysis is complete, we provide information about the alternative risk programs available to you and suited to your needs.
  3. Program Design – Our experts will help you design programs specific to you. This approach helps to obtain cost-effective coverage that meets your needs.
  4. Coordination of Service Providers – We’ll recommend the best service providers, while acting as your liaison with administrators.
  5. Implementation – We will work closely with you throughout the implementation phase to ensure you are compliant with regulatory laws.

Contact us to get the process started. We will guide you every step of the way.

What captive options does Moreton & Company currently offer?

We have access to multiple Property & Casualty captives as well as a medical stop-loss captive for employee benefits. If you are interested in learned more, contact these experts:

P&C Captives: Grady Marshall and Jameson Smith

Benefits Captive: Brittany Mann at [email protected]

What are the advantages of captive insurance for employee benefits?

With an employee benefits captive insurance program, the captive assumes some of the risk that stop-loss insurers usually cover. By retaining the cash flow that is typically paid as premiums, employers can better control premium costs, reduce unnecessary expenses, and capture savings from underwriting.

Joining a captive for employee benefits allows you to have a better grasp on your risk, while retaining the traditional advantages of self-funding. You have the option to keep the plan designs, carriers, and plan administrators you are working with so that your employees do not experience disruption, while still gaining access to more transparent data on what is driving claims.

What are the advantages of captive insurance for commercial insurance?

A captive insurance program for commercial insurance works by aligning organizations who have similar risk profiles. Their combined strength gives the captive the ability to self-insure some of those unique risks, recapturing funds that typically would be paid to insurance companies. This arrangement gives each member of the captive significantly greater control and transparency over their insurance costs without compromising their stability and growth.

At Moreton & Company, we currently administer risk management captives for clients with various needs, including extended warranties, terrorism coverage, large deductible reimbursement, commercial market replacement programs, and others. We have the staff, the expertise, and the vision to help you decide if a captive is the best option for you.


Are Moreton & Company’s captive insurance services available nationally?

Yes! We work with clients across the country. Through our membership with Assurex Global, we can assist domestic clients, as well as those who have operations internationally.

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