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Every organization maintains some type of confidential information, and failure to adequately protect that information has significantly increased liability for many companies. Cyber insurance offers protection from attacks on your data, by mitigating losses from various cyber-related events, including data breaches, cyber extortion, malware infection, ransomware, and theft of personal or financial information.

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Safeguarding Your Data

Organizations of all sizes across all industries are vulnerable to cybercrime. However, many businesses do not seek coverage until after they have experienced a breach or a loss. In addition to knowing your risks, having an incident response plan, and being prepared for a potential data breach — an insurance policy is a vital part of safeguarding your organization.

Moreton & Company’s Cyber Liability team can help you find an insurance plan with coverage that can protect against lost or stolen personal information, forensic expenses, notification costs, data restoration, and other liabilities. Proactively protecting your data will give you peace of mind — not only to cover potential losses, but also to help restore the trust of your customers and employees in the event of a data breach.

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Understanding the evolving cyber market landscape

Cyber liability is continuously evolving, and each carrier has a different approach to coverage. Having an experienced broker well-versed in cyber security risks and protection is essential in this constantly changing market. Moreton & Company’s Executive Risk team has extensive experience with cyber liability; we work to stay current on ever-changing market trends and can provide competitive market solutions for your company. Below are some of the services and programs we offer our clients to help identify risks and prevent losses before they occur.

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