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Paul A. Nelson

SVP of P&C Client Relations, and Director of Denver Operations

In addition to overseeing all operations and growth in our Denver, CO office, Paul is responsible for enhancing the Property & Casualty division as well as managing and strengthening relationships with insurance carriers for all offices. In this role, Paul will review contracts, addendums, and profit sharing, as well as set and monitor all production goals with our key carrier partners and internal sales teams. Paul will also mentor new producers and assist with sales training, development, and the growth of our P&C operations.

Paul originally joined Moreton & Company in 2010, where he spent several years in sales growing a book of business, followed by ten years working in risk management and leadership positions with the top global brokers in Dallas, TX. This experience equipped Paul with a fresh and unique perspective, which he now uses to steer Moreton operations towards innovation and excellence. Paul attended Brigham Young University and has been a part of the insurance industry for over 18 years.


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