Moreton & Company employee benefits department is an industry leader in providing superior customer service and building solutions to meet your employees’ needs.

Our services include:


Moreton & Company has a stellar underwriting team that provides accurate, detailed information assisting you to making informed decisions, identify plan anomalies, evaluate and scrutinize utilization and forecast renewals.We have made a substantial investment in our corporate infrastructure by incorporating sophisticated analytics and partnering with respected, proven vendors.In addition we hire the best and brightest employees. Our Underwriting Team provides quarterly reports which reflect large claims, ongoing claims, claims vs. premium and pharmacy utilization. For large groups, we leverage the analytical power of PlanIT which provides in depth data analysis supporting data driven strategic directives.

We receive claims data from carriers on a monthly basis. Information is then processed into a formula and is available for a renewal prediction at any time throughout the year. Client meetings are conducted on a monthly or quarterly basis to review your data and provide a “renewal forecast” for budgeting any projected increases.


Our unique compliance consulting service provides the knowledge and tools you need to comply with the ever-changing employee benefit laws and regulations.
Unparalleled Guidance: Moreton & Company’s compliance counsel works with you to understand the health plan and welfare benefit laws and regulations affecting employers, and assists with the complex benefit compliance issues facing human resources and benefits professionals.Current Legislative Updates: We keep up to date on changes to state and federal laws in the benefit plan area to provide you with current information regarding your compliance obligations.Benefits Compliance Education: Our in-house compliance counsel presents quarterly seminars and webinars on relevant compliance issues, including the effects of changes in the PPACA provisions.Client Resources: From healthcare reform to FMLA to HIPAA, and everything in between, Moreton & Company has the resources you need to stay compliant with applicable laws and regulations and to understand the latest guidance and legislation.

Online Enrollment

With our online enrollment systems, employees enroll and access benefit information 24/7 online. Our systems also provides HR teams a resource to manage employees and benefit offerings year-round.Simplified InterfaceOur easy-to-use interfaces include multi-lingual instructions and guides to help employees make benefits decisions.
One-Stop Storage Solution: Our services allow for the storage of employee information in one place and the generation of enrollment reports faster and more accurately than traditional enrollment processes.
Regular Carrier Updates: Benefit files are automatically generated and sent to our CORE carriers on a weekly basis. This helps catch billing, coverage, and enrollment errors that often generate significant savings.Private and Secure: Our online enrollment systems are HIPAA compliant, ensuring the privacy and security of your employees’ personal information. To achieve this HIPAA compliance rating, we met rigorous evaluation standards for sending enrollments, changes, and terminations to insurance carriers.

Marketing & Communications

Our marketing and communication services provide a clear advantage and provide marketing materials that outline your company’s benefits package. Working closely with you and your service team, our marketing and communication team delivers print and digital material that is accurate on on-time for enrollment meetings and events throughout the year. This service provides an added value for your HR department, a few are listed below:

Benefit Communication Guides: Navigating through multiple carrier’s extensive and sometimes complex benefit plan documents can be confusing. To simplify this process, Moreton & Company produces an c0-branded benefit guide for your company’s employees. This benefit guide simplifies employee benefits navigation and is presented in a detailed and comprehensive booklet.

Employee Communication Materials: Additional communication materials (newsletters, posters, payroll stuffers, flyers, etc.) are an effective ways of communicating and educating your employees on the value of benefits you offer. This often results in increased employee participation in health and wellness programs.

Employee Surveys: Online surveys can be conducted and implemented with your Moreton & Company service team through your HR department. Surveys help determine which benefits are of importance to your employees and can help with the benefit program selection process.  Employee surveys can be anonymous or known and have garnered valuable employee feedback.


Moreton & Company stands at the forefront of wellness programs and has for more than a decade.  By addressing health issues early on, solutions can be incorporated that lead to big savings for your bottom line.

Available programs include:

  • Weight loss
  • Exercise
  • Education
  • Smoking cessation

Lower Healthcare Costs: A wellness plan means investing in your employee’s health. This investment can lower healthcare costs for employees with high risk factors (being overweight, having diabetes, or smoking) cost more to insure and require increased healthcare than those with fewer risk factors.

Increased Productivity: Healthier employees are more productive. Workplaces with effective wellness programs contribute to a healthier workforce.

Improve Company Morale: A company that cares about employee health is seen as an optimum workplace. In addition, companies save money by retaining workers who appreciate their wellness programs, and attract new employees in a competitive job market.

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