There’s more to managing risk than purchasing insurance.

Moreton & Company assists your company with the management of all risk elements to keep your business expenses as low as possible. When using Moreton & Company, you have a team consisting of some of the best risk management professionals in the industry.

Our risk management tools include:

Risk Analysis and Insurance Program Design

The Moreton & Company Risk Management team puts together some of the most complex risk transfer programs in the world. Our experience helps you understand the options available to tackle your risks in the best manner for your company. While we concentrate on insurable risks, we also delve into non-insurance areas on your behalf, often called Enterprise Risk Management.

Insurance Claims

When an insured loss takes place, we work to maximize the probability of coverage and minimize the expense to your firm. Our in-house dedicated claims professionals advocate strongly on your behalf. We provide a regular claims review showing you how claims are best processed to reduce your costs, while at the same time discovering better methods to mitigate, report, and communicate preventable loss situations.

Cost Allocation

We help you create accountability for risk decisions throughout your organization by passing on insurance, claim, risk management, and loss control costs to individual departments. This allows frontline managers to understand how their actions or in actions affect your overall costs and allows for corporate leadership initiatives to allocate expenses within distinctive units.

Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification Reviews

We often see mistakes from state rating organizations, which is why we review every aspect of the calculation so you know it’s correct. We also identify loss-prone zones to concentrate your efforts in the correct area and reduce your Experience Modification Factor, driving costs to the lowest possible point.

Alternative Risk Programs

This program approach is a risk-financing method used by many firms in place of, or to supplement traditional commercial insurance. This method includes loss sensitive programs, retrospectively rated or large deductible programs, or qualified self-insurance programs.


At Moreton & Company, we provide group, wholly-owned or protected-cell captive options and help you determine if these options are the right solution for you. Our firm is staffed for full-service Captive Management, including money management. Our full-service capabilities include preparing business plans, feasibility studies, cost-structure underwriting, claims adjusting, and accounting services.

Safety & Loss Control Assistance

Our Safety & Loss Control Team has helped countless companies reduce significant loss rations and has won international safety awards. Moreton & Company’s safety professionals travel to your key operations for loss mitigation reviews, safe procedures training, federal and state safety regulatory overviews, ergonomic evaluations, insurer site visit coordination, and more.

Insurance Contract Review

Moreton & Company professionals aid in contract negotiations—ones when you dictate terms and ones when you accept them from others—by reviewing insurance clauses for reasonableness and compliance.

Benchmark Surveys

Our benchmark surveys provide the advantage of knowing what your peers do in their risk management program and how yours compares. These surveys also tell you whether your limits, cost, and deductible fit in your industry class.

Property Replacement Cost Valuation

To properly insure your buildings, you must know the true replacement cost value of them. With the use of the Marshall & Swift/Boeckh building cost program, we help determine the replacement costs of your commercial and residential buildings. Real estate professionals, government agencies, corporations, and courts of law rely on this cost program for accurate replacement cost values.

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